A Country Mile

i enjoyed this article as it made me realise that small things in life can be very benificial. it also showed me that simple things can make your life a lot easier and if you enjoy it then i believe it is very healthy and good.


What exactly is a country mile? Is it a little like a bakers dozen? Or are there no measurements to a country mile at all.

A country mile sounds slow and gentle. A bit like “mostly”  I was thinking this when I looked at front garden thinking about getting out the sprinklers and watering it.  By the end of every day I am mostly done.

Out here you can see a storm coming from so far away that you have time to get the clothes in off the line before it hits.  The rain was welcome as the gardens were dry and there is no hay on the ground. Next week I will cut the hay.




And no, cows do not lie down when rain is coming.  And neither do the leaves on the trees turn upside down, though I have noticed that the maples sometimes droop lower and can show…

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